Site Relaunch

I'm letting of go of the idea that I'm a polymath. More to the point, I'm acknowledging that I know jack-all about how to translate web designs in my head into functional, elegant code. More to the point, I'm going to spend more of my time on the art I talk so much about making. So, I submit and relinquish complete control to the prefab, Duplo block of website building. It feels good.

The change in tools accompanies a change in direction and the most important to me is the first section in my header. Chough'd! has been a side project for over three years and, as a side project, has received the short shrift for three years. I'm making Chough'd! a priority by holding myself to a monthly update schedule. I believe this will give me the time to develop the story and art as best as I can while allowing me time for side projects. As I develop a better rhythm, clarify my work flow, and gain a better understanding of how to deliver the best possible version of my work within time constraints, I may transition towards bimonthly.

I'm not abandoning oil painting or other traditional media for Photoshop--quite the opposite, I'm interested in incorporating hand-painted elements into my process as a means of achieving specific effects that I have not been able to achieve adequately or as quickly in digital format. Life drawing will be a constant. No matter how silly or exaggerated I work, I like to refer back to anatomical reference for a basis or a leaping off point. Finally, as Spring looms, expect to seem more studies from outdoors.

I've spent most of the last six months in transition; setting up new environments, amassing tools, establishing a base. It's not over yet, but some of the work I've put in is starting to pay off and momentum is building. Look forward to billows of steam and the sounds of crashing iron as I look forward to seeing more of my fellow artists in the new season.